Pino Bonetti brings his Nokia memories to surface

When you want to know more about Nokia devices, you know where to go. GSMArena, of course. Some might even come to other sites like PhoneArena, and some even to Techradar. If you expected me to say that Nokiamob is the best place to check news from Nokia world, boy you were wrong. It definitely is not the best place to visit. It is the only place you should check.

But, when you want to find out something about Nokia’s past, you definitely need to get yourself a nice pair of Nokia BT earbuds and check NokiaChronicles. Aussie duo Adrian and Justin came out of nowhere and started drilling for Nokia emotions. They stumbled upon a giant buried pool of it, and their well called NokiaChronicles is pumping a lot of it.

In their latest episode, Aussies brought Pino Bonetti, an ex-Nokia and ex-HERE employee who was working on the Ovi blog, on Nokia maps, and later was running community at HERE. This episode is worth spending an hour of your time even though Pino is an iPhone user now.

Click on the photo below or click the link.