Nokia X5 (or 5.1 plus) will be using MediaTek processor (BT certification)

Nokia X5, or even Nokia 5.1 plus, passed the TENAA certification, but before that BT certification. While TENAA documents revealed a lot of info about the hardware, it didn’t confirm the processor manufacturer. BT certificate did that, and we can for sure say that Nokia X5 (or maybe Nokia 5.1 plus) will be using MediaTek SoC. Since the BT processor is usually part of the SoC and MediaTek is the manufacturer of the BT chip, this is a good confirmation. Even though the usage of MediaTek processors gives chills to many high smartphone users, this one doesn’t look bad at all. It is an octa-core processor, clocked at 2.0 GHz which will make Nokia X5 ( or even 5.1 plus) speedy.

Now we almost know everything about the hardware, and the only thing left are exact name, price, and availability of the device.


Thanks Eero for the heads up :).

Source: BT Sig