Nokia Mobile releases an update for Nokia 8.3 Camera app

Nokia Mobile released an update for the Nokia 8.3 camera app which solves the recently found bug. The bug that was most probably caused by the Scene Detection feature was crashing the native camera app on Nokia 8.3 5G phones around the world, but somehow didn’t affect the Nokia 8.3 5G we are currently using.

Anyway, many will be happy to hear that the update is available in the Google App store. The app is now pushed to the version 97.10.1400.53, and it still works fine for me, but hopefully will solve the issue many experienced. So, do check for the Camera app update on your Nokia 8.3 5G and be kind to report back if the issue is gone.

Also, many users of Nokia 3.4 also experienced the Camera app crash problem, and again our Nokia 3.4 was working OK. I check if the Camera app is updated for it too, but sadly it is not.