Nokia Mobile shipped almost 3 million smartphones in Q3 2021

Counterpoint Research released their mobile market monitor for the third quarter of 2021. The infographic you can check here, shows that the smartphone market grew 6% compared to Q2, but declined 6% compared to Q3 2020.

BBK remained the biggest smartphone vendor when the market shares of all of its brands are combined – holding 25% of the shipments. Samsung was the biggest individual brand with 20% market share, followed by Apple (14%) and Xiaomi (13%).

Regarding Nokia Mobile, Counterpoint responded to us that the Finns shipped almost 3 million smartphones – representing a 12% growth compared to Q2 2021 and a 37% growth compared to Q3 2020. This result means Nokia Mobile retained the 14th spot in the global smartphone makers ranking. Commenting the growth, Counterpoint said: “The growth in the smartphone market was driven by the Middle East and Africa and North America where it is benefiting from the exit of LG.”

In regards to feature phones, Nokia Mobile remained the 2nd largest vendor shipping around 10 million feature phones in Q3 2021. Combined, Nokia Mobile shipped almost 13 million phones, making the Finns the 11th biggest phone vendor on the planet. That is a 2 place decline compared to the previous quarter.

This year Nokia Mobile celebrated 5 years since entering the phone market, and we can agree, also looking at the graph above, that this journey thus far could’ve yielded better results.