Nokia Star Trek Communicator explored in detail (MrMobile)

Photo from Engadget

So, here is an interesting video overview of a phone that was specifically made for a movie franchise that the creator of the video and myself love really much. Being a Trekkie, Nokia Startrek Communicator is a gadget that I’d like to own, even though I am mostly a TNG person, and not so in love with the original series. However, the latest Strange New Worlds series are making old Star Trek look great so I do recommend you check on those series since there is some interesting foldable tech in use.

Nokia still is a great company, but some 12 years ago it was so powerful that it had a factory (probably in Salo) dedicated only to making concept phones. Nokia Star Trek Communicator was one of those phones that were never intended for the market, but was made on a platform of Nokia N76 and thus it was a fully functional Symbian smartphone. Nokia also showed some of its concept devices in the StarTrek movie back in 2009, and all we got from that movie was Nokia 5800 with skins, and later Nokia N8 :).

Michael Fisher, or MrMobile as you might know him from Youtube, bought Star Trek Communicator back in 2010 and kept it close to him even today when he released a nice video about this gadget. Do check that out.


If there is any ex-Nokian that was working in D&S division and reading this post, could you be so kind and share more details about how this phone was made, where it was made and if there were any similar projects like this one?