Latest James Bond movie trailer shows a glimpse of new Nokia smartphone

The final James Bond movie premiere with Daniel Craig as a 007 agent is set for September 30, if the Covid pandemic doesn’t postpone it once again. Nokia Mobile also shared the news of the official release date, and movie theatres around the world are also scheduling the projection for the last day of September.

The final International trailer is now live and there is a glimpse of a new Nokia device in it since Nokia Mobile sponsored the movie so the best 00 agent could make calls over Nokia smartphones. The phones we expected to see in the movie were probably Nokia 8.3 5G or Nokia 5.3, but since it got delayed for over a year and a half, there has been some rumours that Nokia Mobile insisted on retaking some shots so the newest devices could be displayed.

By watching the latest trailer, you can see a tiny bit of the Nokia smartphone that James is using. That phone doesn’t differ from the one seen in the official trailer released in 2020. The LED flash is visible in the image, and it seems to be positioned inside the camera module. The only new device that has LED placed there is soon to be announced Nokia G50, but somehow I don’t think that James Bond wants a midrange phone as a daily driver. Well, on the other hand, he likes his Walter PPK, so maybe the phone with 2-day battery life thanks to the power conserving SD 480 was his choice after all.

There is also a possibility that Nokia Mobile is preparing a flagship-like device that looks like Nokia G50 but with much better hardware parts inside. We’ll find out when the No time to die movie premiers at the end of September which phone James Bond used to contact M and other protagonists.

Cheers to pk for the heads up 😉