#Nokia 2 has passed Bluetooth certification. Name confirmed!

Nokia 2 render

The soon to be the most affordable Nokia smartphone, Nokia 2, has passed the Bluetooth SIG certification process. Even though we already knew the probable name, this certification has confirmed the Nokia 2 as the official name of the device. Additionally, the certification revealed all the model product codes which are TA-1007, TA-1011, TA-1023 and TA-1029.


Recently, the US based retailer B&H has listed the Nokia 2, obviously by mistake, and revealed the price of $99 without taxes, which is even lower than the starting price of Nokia Lumia 520. This could potentially make the Nokia 2 the cheapest Nokia branded smartphone of all time. The specifications of the device are interesting (4.5 to 5-inch screen, Snapdragon 212, 4000 mAh battery, 4G compatible), but the only thing that is a bit questionable is the 1 GB of RAM. Since Nokia 2 will be arriving with the Android 7.1.1, maybe that 1 GB of RAM won’t be sufficient to sustain the smooth ride on the Android software. There is also a possibility that the Nokia 2 will come with light version of the Oreo, or the Android Go software, which is specifically designed for the devices with 1 GB of RAM or less.

Anyway, we should see the Nokia 2 soon enough, maybe even in few days when HMD will hold an event in India.


Via: Suomimobiili