Nokia Mobile close to protecting SpeedWarp trademark

Nokia Mobile is a step closer to making SpeedWarp a protected trademark. EUIPO received the application to protect SpeedWarp back in July, and now a milestone has been reached. The period when the public could oppose the registration process of the trademark has ended. Nobody filed an opposition which means that SpeedWarp could become another trademark of Nokia Mobile, just like Puredisplay or Pureview.

In case you are not familiar with SpeedWarp, it is a camera feature released with the Nokia XR20 that enables you to record speeded up videos and control the speed of the recording to get a cool warp effect. I must say that this camera feature is rather good, and vloggers will like it for creating effective stories.

If you do own a Nokia XR20, do share your SpeedWarp video in the comments.

Source EUIPO