If HMD does another remake, should it be a Nokia N95?!

Let me just say, at the very beginning of this post, that I don’t know what to say about the cover render but I’ll try to make a point. So, Nokibar posted a fan made sketch Nokia 1. Actually, this isn’t real nor it will be, but this fan wishes that the next remake should be the Nokia N95 (8GB). This phone should be the sequel of the HMD’s very well accepted remake of the old Nokia phones we saw earlier this year. HMD said that they are planning to do some more remakes of popular Nokia phones, and the choice of the legendary Nokia N95 (8GB) could be move in the right direction. Let’s now call it Nokia 1, as source refers it, and it should go even lower than the Nokia 2 regarding the price. As you can see, source suggests that it should come with a 480×320 screen resolution and Snapdragon 205. All this could seem hilarious, but then again, there are some Android phones with small screens. If you don’t believe me, check out Mr. Mobile’s review of the Jelly.

Now, if we think more about this fan’s idea, N95 was a rather popular slide phone and it could once more be that in the body of Nokia 1. That kind of phone could compete well with Samsung’s flip phone. But then again, that particular phone packs Snapdragon 821 instead of 205 and it has 4GB of RAM. This one looks like it is going to run S30+ at best. But, the biggest difference between Nokia 1 and Samsung’s flip phone is going to be the price. I am deliberately comparing these two phones since it is obvious that history is repeating itself. Samsung is bringing flip phones back to the stage, so Nokia (HMD) could easily do the same with slide phones. The most questionable thing here is the alphanumerical keyboard which will take us back to the almost forgotten typing habits.

Can you image having the double slide mechanism, with a keyboard on the one side, and media controls on the other. That would be something, right? What are your thoughts, which model would you like to be revived?