HMD will announce new #Nokia devices on 31st October in #India

HMD Global invited Indian press to their event scheduled for 31st October. The invite says: “HMD Global invites you to an exclusive gathering to unveil the next milestone of Nokia Phones.”

If we have to speculate what could we see at HMD’s event in India, I would say Nokia 7 or Nokia 2. Nokia 7 was announced last week in China, featuring a 5.2-inch FullHD screen, Snapdragon 630, 4 or 6GB of RAM, and a 16MP f/1.8 camera with ZEISS optics. Maybe HMD plans to bring the 7 to India, and that’s why they are holding an event at the end of the month. On the other hand, for quite some time we have heard about a Nokia 2, HMD super affordable Android smartphones. With the 2, that will probably be priced around 99 dollars, HMD could switch a lot of feature phone users to smartphones, and India is the best market to do such a transition.

Nokia 2 render

We also heard a lot about Nokia 9 lately. I personally don’t believe HMD will announce their flagship device on a local event in India. The ideal event for launching the 9 in my opinion would be Slush2017 in Helsinki (Nov 30 – Dec 1), because it’s in HMD and Nokia’s homeland, and it attracts quite an audience.

All in all, the 31st isn’t that far from now, so we will soon see what HMD has in plans for the Indian, and hopefully global market.

Source: FoneArena

  • An event for Nokia 2 alone doesn’t seem justified. Hopefully 7 ^_^
    Get me some invites to the event if its in Delhi.

  • Lawrence Jerome Braganza

    May be both Nokia 2 & 7

  • Stinger

    I’m focused on “the next milestone”. That probably means one device. But I’d much rather they announce the 2 and the 7 for the Indian market. If I had to guess though, it might only be the 2.

    • Romandi

      is the 2 really a milestone though ???

      the definition of milestone is: a significant stage or event in the development of something.

      • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

        Agree. Next milestone sounds more like high end or a device expected to sell in very high volumes ie. 3310.

      • Stinger

        True, I don’t consider the 2 a milestone either. I’m hoping Nokia/HMD release something amazing.

    • I am focused on the next milestone for Nokia “phones”. I really want them to launch Nokia 7 and Nokia 2. If they announce Nokia 9 then it will be an added bonus 😀

  • rodrigo mansani

    I hope They release Nokia 7 instead 9

  • Varun Krishnan of PhoneArena on twitter stating that its not Nokia 7 or 3310 3G.

    It’ll be funny if
    The Next Milestone turns out Nokia 2.

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