Nokia Lumia 1520 could be too big to fly?!

Airline companies doesn’t show affection about mobile phones since they are distracting the passenger while flight attendant is explaining the safety rules. Probably they would even like from us to leave the big screened entertainment flat plastic boxes in the big baggage, and that is supposedly already happening in some major British airlines. MyNokiaBlog reported an interesting story about the new rules regarding the size of the electronics that the individual can bring with him in the cabin. The ban applies on the devices that are over 16 cm long and 9.3 cm wide. One such device is Lumia 1520, so if you are a proud owner of it, and traveling with some UK airlines, fill your small smartphone with music and movies and enjoy the flight.

So, here are the companies that are affected by new regulations:

UK carriers:


Overseas carriers:


Now it is a good time to finally shrink those bezels and cover the front of the phones completely with screen. Hope that this kind of revolution that some has already started will be followed by more durable batteries.