Nokia Mobile ready to launch a new smartphone with Snapdragon 690 5G

Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 690 that is bringing the support for 5G networks on a lower price range smartphones. The SD 690 is the third Qualcomm chipset that supports 5G right after SD 865 and SD765, and it will be coming with ARM Cortex-A77 cores. Besides the 5G support, this processor will be bringing a new WiFi standard, WiFi 6 what is also a nice addition to the chipset and future smartphones that will be using it.

One of the first CPO’s to congratulate Qualcomm on the announcement of a new 5G processor was Juho Sarvikas. He published a video where he clearly stated that Nokia Mobile is preparing a new smartphone that will be using a new SD 690 5G. The phones that we are expecting from Nokia Mobile are Nokia 7.3 or Nokia 6.3 that are the most probable candidates for this processor. Since the SD 690 is bringing support for cameras with the sensors with up to 192 MP, and support for 90Hz and 120 Hz displays, new 7.3 (or even 6.2 but less probable) could be a rather interesting device.

On Juho’s tweet you can check his message to the world and people.

Juho is a cool guy, but he needs to focus more on bringing new 5G phones to the market instead of creating these kind of videos :).