Nokia commemorated the International Day of Peace and showed palette of new devices?!


In case you didn’t know, today is the International Day of Peace. Nokia joined the commemoration of this day on its social networks by saying that Technology helps us connect and understand each other and promote togetherness. Nokia’s old motto was connecting people and this company is still living it. But the most interesting thing about posted photo is the variety of gadgets shown there. You can see a tablet (which resembles to a Nokia N1), a (smart)watch and smartphone, something that we’ve been waiting for two years now. Even the dog has some kind of smart bracelet.

Ok, we got some Lumia phones while we were waiting, but last the Nokia device with Nokia logo on it, if we put aside Nokia 216 that was announced yesterday, was a Nokia N1 tablet. We all know that Nokia will soon present new smartphones and tablets so this graphic maybe gave some peace to true Nokia fans, but also took it since minds won’t be settled till we don’t see new Nokia devices.

Happy International Day of Peace, everybody!