Rumors: Nokia devices with notch, in-display fingerprint sensor in development

A well known source at Nokibar forum on Baidu, that goes under the username “God” (is a Foxconn insider) posted new information about upcoming Nokia flagships. The source previously stated the information about the “penta-lens” camera being in early prototyping phase and that the Nokia 6 2018 will come in blue/gold, which turned out to be true, and by the way, the 6 in blue/gold looks amazing. Now, “God” brings new info about two upcoming flagships, one that should feature a notch and other with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

With Android P, Google officially announced the support for the infamous “notch” that Apple introduced with the iPhone X, and as everything that Apple announces, Android manufacturers follow along. This rumor suggests that HMD too will follow the notch trend, but they are rumored to use the in-display fingerprint sensor (most likely on the rumored penta-lens camera phone), too.

Android P support for notch(es)

We still have to take this info as rumors, even though the source proved to be right quite some times. I hope that we won’t see a “notch” on a Nokia-branded smartphone, but everything is possible. Considering that Android P should officially be available in Q3 2018, that’s the earliest time frame for the announcement of the “penta-lens” camera monster and the notched flagship. Notches, curved displays and 18:9 aspect ratio don’t make a device innovative, so hopefully HMD will surprise us with something real on the upcoming devices. 🙂

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Via: VTechgraphy

Source: Baidu