JD: Over half a million pre-registrations for #Nokia6, but only 10k “real” preorders

As we wrote before, Nokia 6 turned out to be an extremely popular device in China and abroad. First, the Chinese media were surprised with the quality of the device, and the quality of the camera. GSMArena’s daily phone interest tracking showed that Nokia 6 has been the most popular phone for a few days now, and good news has also come from, JD.com in terms of pre-registrations and preorders for the device.

On JD.com there are 2 store pages for Nokia 6 from JD itself, and a lot store pages from 3-rd party stores. JD.com offers a pre-registration page for Nokia 6, and a preorder page for Nokia 6. The preorder units are long sold out, because JD.com allowed only about 9200 units to be available for “real” preorder for 66CNY (7€, 9$). The pre-registration page has more than half a million applicants, but they are registered only via email, and they take part in a giveaway JD.com organizes.

However, the interest is real, and I’m certain that if JD.com allowed more real preorders to be taken, the number would be much bigger than 10k. The reason for restricting preorders is probably Foxconn’s ability in manufacturing the device. Maybe JD.com cannot guarantee more than 10,000 units to be shipped on 19th January, when the official sale is expected to start.

We also noticed that some Chinese stores on AliExpress started taking preorders for Nokia 6 globally, but for a much higher price. We do not recommend ordering, because a global version of Nokia 6 will be announced at MWC next month.

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