Photos of TA-1054 a.k.a. Nokia 6 (2018) are live

Chinese TENAA just uploaded the photos of new Nokia 6, maybe better known in the past few weeks as TA-1054. The phone kept some of its original shape but some details are new. Fingerprint scanner is now back, and camera module is elongated like in Nokia 5. The front control buttons are now virtual. The body seems to be matte black but with interesting copper (or red?) lines crossing the boring black color body. At front we can see that screen to body ratio has changed for better. Don’t know if the screen is bigger or body got a bit smaller and the screen stayed the same.

Do tell your early opinions about the device looks.

  • Hemedans

    And look like it will have small bezell,

    • Yes, screen seems a bit wider and bezels above and below are significantly smaller.

  • Giorgi

    what’s about accept ratio? 16×9 or 18×9?

    • I get a feeling of 16:9 with low bezel. 🙂 I prefer 16:9 over 18:9. 🙂

    • Muerte

      By rough measuring from the images, it seems to be closer to 18:9 than 16:9.

  • The only phone I liked was Nokia 6 in terms of looks of it in 2017

    Happy it looks almost same for 2018 too except that ugly camera module.
    Nokia 6 (17) or 7 would’ve been better.

    And those bezels are cut quite good.

    • Yes, but in that price range? zeiss is going to be kept for phones above the 6

      • Lumia 735 would be good example of that. It had Zeiss.

        What are your bets on processor of 6 (18)

        660 ?

        Also, Now Nokia 7 going international makes even much less sense.
        I hope HMD doesn’t go with like 625.

        • Some sources are saying Snapdragon 660 but can’t verify.

          • Gerrard Jr

            some rumours says 630…makes much more sense than 660

          • Anything makes more sense than 430 🙂

          • Gerrard Jr

            exactly…430 holds back nokia 6 in every way

          • Either way. Cancels the 7 for international market.

            I just hope they don’t do something stupid by making it come with 625.

          • Nokia 7 will have its place. It is a bit cheaper version of the Nokia 8. But, maybe HMD is planing on some upgrades for the global version of the 7… Who knows.

          • I think Nokia 6 (2018) might come with SD450 OR SD630. But what about Nokia 7 that already uses SD630 in China? Will HMD Global use SD660 for the global variant of Nokia 7? 😀 That would be awesome. 🙂

  • Muerte

    I’m happy to see HMD finally reducing the size of bezels 🙂

  • (͡o‿O͡)

    wow. Bezel-less mid-range phone. Finally. Yes HMD. If you can’t beat them, join them.

    • Seems like it has 17:9 radio, but i thing that it is classic 16:9 with just controls added

      • I think 16:9 aspect ratio gives more usable screen area compared to 18:9 aspect ratio. 18:9 just makes the screen tall and narrow which people take as a bezel less design. Any display can be made bezel less. And to me 16:9 looks more beautiful than 18:9 screens. 🙂

  • Anyone else thinks that its not a wise move to launch device early in China and later at mwc for the world?

    Nokia 6 can be justified by saying first phone and testing period but now i think that phase is way over.

    • I would love if they can launch it in January for China and globally. That would be great, but they will get most publicity at MWC. Also, they need to go to China early (in January) because of the Chinese New Year in February, and that’s like December in Western countries in terms of spending.
      A month between Chinese and global announcement isn’t that big of a deal. I’m just hoping the 6 (and 9) will be available in march on sale globally.

      • It becomes big deal when

        Jan :- China launch and available
        Feb End :- MWC Global announcement

        And not seeing it in March.

      • But, there is also a chance that HMD could go to CES and launch it there. Samsung is gonna do that…
        I would just love to see them ship the device in week or so after it is announced.

        • Samsung is probably just showing s9 to some people only like s8 if i remember correctly

          Launch 5 and 6 at ces
          Hold 9 till mwc and get it out with 845.

      • I have doubts about the availability again. Only time will tell. 🙂
        About the current devices: I don’t think we will get Copper and Arte Black variants of Nokia 6 in most of the countries now. 😛

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  • Stinger

    It looks fantastic. I was never excited about slim bezels, but I have to admit this looks really good.

  • Mark Anthony Vista

    This is just a photoshopped version .. can’t you notice it? same nokia and camera placement, as well as that poorly cropped screen. lol then the cropped nokia 5 camera.. please be more reliable admin.. these are not photos of new Nokia 6 rather a mere render and badly photoshopped image.

    • These are photos from China’s regulatory agency. Link is in the article

      • Mark Anthony Vista

        I’ll take it with a grain of salt. though it came from China’s regulatory agency, still those photos look like just a poorly photoshopped rumor…

      • Mark Anthony Vista

        Please note:

        Tip: The appearance of the color of the mobile phone is not within the scope of authenticity

        That’s from TENAA..

        • Yep, the phone can have other color option and be allowed to operate in China.

    • LOL 😐

    • Don’t know man, I believe TENAA, it is Chinese government agency. It is also possible that HMD asked them to Photoshop the device a bit and mask it just until the official release.

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