Video: Unboxing of Nokia 7.2

We stumbled upon an unboxing video of Nokia 7.2 which was done by Clinton Jeff. Older Nokia fans might remember Clinton from the Nokia Lumia days when he was running the Unleashthephones site. It seems that Clinton is back into the tech reviewer business after spending some times working for Xiaomi and Huawei.

Anyway, this might be the very first unboxing so check it below, or just read the sum up.

It is nice to see that the product package didn’t change much since the last time we unboxed a Nokia phone. Upon opening the box, you see the 7.2 in plastic wrapping with a printed legend on front pointing to the dedicated Google Assistant button, which is unnecessary since people will figure that out eventually. It would be better to point out some basic specs, like the ZEISS cameras, processor, battery capacity, etc. Nokia 7.2 does look great in cyan green, and this color will probably dominate the sales. It is interesting to see that Nokia Mobile provided WH-108 headphones instead of Nokia Earphones, which would be more appropriate.

Clinton turned the phone on, and I noticed that the first thing to show up on the screen isn’t Nokia logo in Nokia blue color, but green Android One logo. I hope that will change in the future.