Leak: New Nokia 6 is TA-1054, while TA-1005, 1009 and 1042 are Nokia 9?!

Fresh set of leaks come from China. According to the Nokibar forum, TA-1054 is the model number for the second generation of Nokia 6 (D1C). This is contrary to previous leaks that suggested Nokia 9 to carry TA-1054 model number, but back then the source wasn’t sure if it was the ultimate flagship phone with Nokia logo on it.

According to the source, new Nokia 6 will come significantly refresh, both internally and externally. Nokia 6 of 2018 will still have durable and tough body and control buttons are going to be replaced by virtual ones. Fingerprint scanner is moved to the back like in Nokia 7 according to the source, and camera is a bit improved. The body of the 6 will be 6 mm thick, but camera module will add extra 2 mm to the body.

Another thing that should be revamped is the processor. The source didn’t say what Snapdragon processor will be used but it should be 6XX model. Also, at the sticker you can see that TA-1054 model could come with 32GB of internal memory plus 4GB of RAM, but that could be easily reserved for Alte Black kind of Nokia 6.

So, TA-1054 is new Nokia 6 as seen at the printed sticker, while Nokia 9 model codes are TA-1005, TA-1009 and TA-1042. These model numbers are all for single SIM Nokia 9 version. Also, it seems that code for Nokia 9 is A1N.

Regarding this info, it seems that phones are ready to be shown to the closed group of tester, which is telling us that HMD is in pretty good shape and doing things at much faster pace.



  • So the new Nokia 8 from this article (http://nokiamob.net/2017/12/04/rumors-nokia-9-and-nokia-8-2018-coming-january-19th/) is most probably the new Nokia 6. Considering all model numbers of 9 were leaked, a global launch seems certain

    • Yep, could be. Forgot about that one 🙂

    • Now Nokia 6(2018) coming with SD6XX and 7(2017) is with SD630.

      So, Nokia 7(17) is bounded to China only then? Never gonna see international version as similar processors wont make much sense.

      • I was thinking the same LOL.
        IMO Nokia 3 and 5 will come with SD4XX this time. Nokia 6 and Nokia 7 with 6XX and Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 with 835 and 845 respectively. 🙂

        • I’ll say 2 & 3 gets killed.

          5 – 450
          6 – 630/636
          7(2018) – 660
          8/9 – 845.

          I don’t want HMD to pull of a LG G6 with 8(2018) coming with SD835.

          Cut the bezels
          Keep the jacks.
          Bigger Batteries. (Maybe Graphene addition)

          • Rob Beijendorf

            Graphene is still a laboratory-only tech. It’s not ready for any commercial applications yet.

          • Yes, it seems like scientists are still playing with it, but it’s been over 5 years since they announced it as usable material so I hope it be applicable in 2018.

          • Rob Beijendorf

            I fear it’ll be quite a bit longer before it’s commercially viable. Technologies like that can take decades to develop, and they don’t always pan out as we hope.

      • Rob Beijendorf

        I’m actually happy if they streamline their model line a bit by cutting out the least popular models. Having 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 seems a bit too much at the moment.

        1 (updated Nokia 2), 3 (low-end), 5 (mid-range), 7 (high-end) and 9 (flagship) should be more than enough.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Does anyone here think that the guy holding the laminated placard bites his nails?

    Sure seems like it to me…

    And about the Nokia 6 being 6mm, umm, seems kinda thin, kinda like the Motorola Z force Droid. But will they incorporate a headphone jack if the phone is only 6mm?

    Either way, biting your nails is no good. Lol

    • Bites his nails since he probably lost gis job because of this…
      3.5mm jack can be fitted in the 4 mm Nokia 8 edge so i don’t see any problem fitting it in 6mm body

    • Rob Beijendorf

      It’s theoretically possible to fit a 3.5 mm port into a 6 mm body, but it won’t be pretty. I think the limit to fit one is at ~5 mm.
      At 6 mm and a 3.5 mm port, don’t expect waterproofing though. That’d add too much thickness.

  • Euday Kumar

    Nokia 6 new model code 4gb 32gb internal will be only for china

  • Euday Kumar

    Finally YouTube developer India geeky Ranjit aim satisfied by Nokia Nokia 6 ta 1054 new Nokia 6 with new processor and camera new thoughts video geeky Ranjit video watched by Nokia

  • BTW What happens to current Nokia 6 Arte Black? Is it even a good idea to launch it now?

    • It is launched at some markets but obviously won’t get to all the markets.

  • Stinger

    NHMD seems to be going from strength to strength. Good for them! And even better for us!

    I know this might be pushing too far ahead, but I hope Nokia does some new wearables too. Their designs are the best.

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