HMD is getting ready to launch several devices at MWC2024

Evleaks recently disclosed that HMD Global is actively working on six new models, specifically two distinct models named Puls and Legend, each featuring three variations: regular, Plus, and Pro. Despite this revelation, HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer has announced their readiness to unveil phones from new brands they intend to introduce.


GSMChina has now identified 9 new TA code names associated with yet-to-be-announced phones. While some of these codes, such as TA-1584 or C210 for the US market, were already known, others appear to be new and likely represent newly developed devices rather than rebranded ones.

The codes for devices currently undergoing testing in China are as follows: HMD TA-1584, HMD TA-1588, HMD TA-1589, HMD TA-1592, HMD TA-1594, HMD TA-1595, HMD TA-1602, and HMD TA-1605.

In anticipation of MWC2024, HMD has scheduled an announcement event a day prior to the commencement of the conference, on Sunday, February 25th. This aligns with the standard practice observed by manufacturers presenting new devices at MWC.

Although HMD hasn’t invited us, for some reason known to them, we’ll have our spies at MWC2024, which should provide initial impressions and insights into these upcoming devices.