HMD to launch their first phone in April 2024

The new strategy of HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand for smartphones, tablets, and accessories, is well-known. With the contract with Nokia set to end in about two years, a new strategy is essential, especially if Nokia considers exiting the brand licensing business for smartphones (though currently that seems unlikely).

The new strategy will drive HMD to introduce its own brand of smartphones and related products, with the initial target market being India. Initially, the announcement for the first HMD device was scheduled for the first half of 2024, but according to 91mobiles‘ industry sources, the announcement is now expected in April 2024.

These phones will be competitively priced, with a primary focus on the online market, likely through platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. However, HMD Global will also distribute its devices through offline stores, a popular method of purchasing in India. The initial focus will be on budget and mid-range phones, with a gradual expansion into flagship models area.

The new strategy also includes branding phones for specific customer segments, as evidenced by the rebranded Nokia C32-like phone for an African vendor (M-KOPA-X1). According to the same source, HMD Global will continue selling its own devices alongside Nokia’s until 2026.

Regarding software, HMD will stick with the Android OS for their devices but will provide security updates for an extended period, in line with current trends.

So, that’s it. If HMD has learned something, they will launch at least three devices a year, covering all price segments. Their flagship model doesn’t need to be something out of this world, but something like the Pixel 8, just with upgraded specs and solid performance. That’s what I was expecting to see from them with the Nokia brand after they failed with the Nokia 9.