Christopher Westerholm did another cinema style video but with Nokia 8 Sirocco

Christopher Westerholm is back with yet another exceptional video that is packed with amazing scenes from the snow-covered forest. I am not just astounded by the scenes or the way Christopher is shooting, but that every shot is taken with Nokia 8 Sirocco. Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 7 Plus were the first Nokia phones made by HMD to come out with improved cameras, and this video is proof of that. But, the video was tweaked a bit, like all the videos filmed by professionals are. It was recorded in 4K on the Cinema4K app and edited in Premiere Pro CC and graded in Filmconvert. Christopher used a tripod and/or dolly (slider) from Kessler Crane.

Well, just check it and tell me what do you think.

I recommend you also take a look at his video shot with Nokia 7 Plus. By the way, I don’t know why does this guy have just 1K subscribers on YouTube.