Motorola pushing Nokia’s long forgotten vision

Do you remember the Nokia Morph? Just to bring you up to date, the Nokia Morph is a concept device that Nokia revealed back in 2008. The main idea behind it was to showcase the potential applications of nanotechnology in devices. The concept was developed by the Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge’s Nanotechnology Center.

We all know what happened to Nokia, and its long-forgotten vision now seems to be followed by Motorola. While the time might not be ideal for realizing it as Nokia envisioned, current technology is well-suited for bendable phones.

Motorola has just unveiled the Motorola Flexible smartphone. You can check out the announcement video below.

This new conceptual device features a 6.9″ FHD+ pOLED display that can be bent and shaped into different forms, much like Nokia’s Morph. The idea behind it is to shape the phone according to the user’s needs and preferences.

Additionally, Motorola’s AI tool can match your phone’s style with your outfit. This is something already available on our smartphones and smartwatches, but it’s a handy feature for creating custom wallpapers to match your style.

Check the video of the Motorola Flexible Smartphone announcement.

Would you wear this? I wonder if such a smartphone could be durable enough to function as a bracelet with full smartphone capabilities, at least during summer. In winter, it might be tough to wear long sleeves or a jacket with such a device. At least it wouldn’t feel comfy.