The first flash sale of 43-inch Nokia Smart TV gone in seconds

When Flipkart announced Nokia was back on TVs, I was more than happy, but the happiness was gone when I learned that the product is going to be exclusive for India. Anyway, this business deal brought Nokia and JBL back together that we have seen since Nokia JBL PlayUp BT speaker. The first 55- inch Smart TV got pretty high reviews, and that was the reason why Flipkart and Nokia agreed to lower the price of the device by launching a smaller 43-inch version of Nokia Smart TV. The first Flash sale was organised today, and the first batch of the TV was sold out in seconds. We don’t know the size of the batch, but surely there were more than 100 TVs on sale :). Anyway, the price of ₹31,999 or €375 seems to hit the sweet spot, and I must say that it is a rather good price for a 43-inch TV.
We still need to wait for the first user reviews, but those should be as good as reviews of a 55-inch version since the 43-inch version has basically the same hardware. So, if Nokia Smart TV would be available globally, would you pick it up for €375, £338, or $424?

Check Flipkart for the offer.


Cheers SirFaceFone for the tip 😉