Nokia G22 Among the Best Inventions of 2023 by Time

To be on Time magazine’s cover or make it onto their various lists is considered prestigious and meaningful. However, Time magazine has featured many people and things over time that have left many wondering, “What were they thinking?” Regardless, today, what matters most is being in the spotlight, and that’s precisely where Nokia Mobile’s Nokia G22 found itself.

Time listed this device as one of the “200 Best Inventions in 2023.” The primary reason for G22’s inclusion isn’t its hardware specs but its quick fixability, a feature that few mass-produced smartphones can boast about.

Time reported that just last year, approximately 5.3 billion mobile phones were discarded or trashed, emphasizing the growing need for easily repairable technology. Nokia’s G22 distinguishes itself with its full repairability. With only a small screwdriver and five minutes, you can replace its screen, charging port, or battery—commonly faulty components—keeping it out of landfills.

I concur with Nokia Mobile’s philosophy as demonstrated with the G22, which aligns with the legacy of old Nokia devices, known for their easy repairability; all you needed was a Torx screwdriver and the right parts. However, I’d argue that Nokia G42 (which I find to be a pleasant surprise) deserves a spot on the list as well, given its superior hardware, while maintaining the same easy repairability as the G22. The only advantage the G22 holds is its affordability.

G22 disassembly

Nokia G42 gets fully disassembled (quickly)

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