A Meego phone, #Nokia Lauta (RM-742), emerged once more on photos

Once upon a time if (smart)phone didn’t have physical qwerty keyboard it wasn’t cool for the market. Things have changed a lot with touch screens which become main stream in mobile industry. Touchscreens were mostly wide enough to house qwerty keyboard, so the physical one wasn’t needed any more. But Nokia was working on a phone with new intuitive software that housed physical and capacitive qwerty keyboard. Before we saw that phone as a Nokia N950, there was a cancelled RM-742, or the Nokia Lauta. This phone was a successor of the popular Nokia N9, or maybe it should have expanded the offerings of the MeeGo devices lineup. Anyway, now it is log time history and we can only see it on the photos that MeeGo enthusiast push every now and then.

This particular model seen on photos (actually we wrote about this device back in 2012) came in pink polycarbonate body which was one of few colours that Nokia N9 came to the market. Phone was beautiful and it is shame that Nokia didn’t pursue MeeGo as a Symbian alternative (damn you Stephen Elop).

Well, things have changed now and don’t believe anyone will push smartphone with physical keyboard any more, except Jolla and maybe Samsung ?.


Via Nokians