New 4G Nokia phone models certified by Thailand’s NBTC

We are hardly two days away from the global launch of the upcoming Nokia phones, which is on September 22nd, and there is nothing stopping the Nokia phones from getting certifications around the world. Such is the case in Thailand, where three new 4G Nokia phones were certified recently. The devices were applied for the certification by Nokia Mobile’s authorized distributor, YA Sales & Services Co., Ltd., in Thailand.

And the three models are TA-1272, TA-1276, and TA-1354, of which the latter one supports more network bands than the other models. The certification reveals much less details, which makes it difficult to get to any conclusion regarding the name or the type of the device.

However, the network bands supported by the devices and the transmission values in those frequency ranges are mentioned in the certifications. To check, visit here: TA-1272, TA-1276, TA-1354.

Thank you, Venkatesh, for sharing it.