Nokia G42 gets fully disassembled (quickly)

The disassembly video of the Nokia G42 is online and shows that Nokia Mobile applies the same rules of repairability that we saw with the Nokia G22. The new G42 also seems to be easy to disassemble and reassemble with the necessary tools, which are available at iFixit. Of course, you can also get your own Torx screws and a guitar pick to save some money. The repairman took the back panel off in a few seconds, which is commendable!

The disassembly video shows that the basic internal construction of the unit is pretty much identical to other units. After removing the back cover and motherboard bracket, the black motherboard is revealed, along with the battery, camera assembly, and other parts. There are many screws that firmly connect the inner workings to the aluminium frame, which is responsible for heat dissipation, unlike the XR21, where the processor’s heat is dissipated through copper pipes.

The battery is secured with glued-on pull tabs, which are also replaceable. The basic idea of repairability is that any parts that are damaged or can be damaged quickly, such as the battery, charging port, and display, can be replaced quickly. This disassembly video will surely help normal people like us to assemble the device without unnecessary parts :).

By the way, iFixit still isn’t offering the spare parts on its website (only G22), but that will change once G42 hits the shelves. Once it is available, the display will cost you £44.99, the battery  £22.99 and the charging port is the cheapest part at £18.99. At-home Fit Kits should be available for £5.

Check the videos released by TechnoRabin below.




Cheers to TechnoRabin for sharing this.