Nokia X20 and XR20 receiving October patch

Today might not be a good day for Nokia, as they announced their Q3 business report, which led to a further reduction in the price of their stock. However, today is a positive day for the owners of Nokia X20 and XR20, as both devices have received the October security patch.

Here are the basic details of the update:

  • Nokia X20 | 99.96 MB | October security patch
  • Nokia XR20 | 96.81 MB | October security patch
Nokia XR20 with October patch available. Shot on Nokia X30.

Screenshot of Nokia XR20 and X20 update page:

I was expecting to see the latest update arriving first on the XR21, but this is great news nonetheless. The update is available globally, including here on our XR20.

To check for the update, head to Settings > System > System Update > Check for Updates, and please let us know if you have received the update.

Update Tracker | Nokia Update Tracker


I have checked all the other devices I got for the update availability and so far these two seem to be the first to get the October patch. Thanks Luke for the tip and screenshots 😉