Nokia 9 PureView launch reportedly scheduled for late January 2019

The amount of info surfacing about the Nokia 9 PureView last few days suggest that the announcement of the phone might be near. According to Nokia Anew’s sources, the launch event for Nokia 9 PureView is scheduled for late January next year.


A precise launch date cannot be given via unofficial channels because there is always a possibility of HMD changing the date, like they did with the Nokia 8.1 event in India. So, according to info shared today, we can expect the Nokia 9 to be announced somewhere during the last week of January.

Nokia 9 PureView could be HMD’s first real flagship that could compete with the likes of the iPhone, top line Galaxy phones or Huawei’s Mate and P series smartphones. The signature feature of the device is rumored to be the penta-lens camera setup, that should use computational photography as seen on Light’s camera, introducing a new way of taking photos in the mobile segment.

We are still in the domain of rumors, so we have to wait for the official announcement to see how does the camera setup work, how good it is, what other features will the 9 PureView pack and how much money will HMD ask for it.