HMD Global shuts down HMD Mobile after just two years

HMD Global is slowly divesting parts of the business that are not performing as well as expected. In 2020, HMD Mobile began to step out of its comfort zone and evolve from a manufacturer of Nokia smartphones to an independent virtual network operator. Newly launched services such as HMD Connect and HMD Mobile were to offer global data streaming services and SIM cards, respectively.

Last year, however, HMD decided that the Connect service was not working as well as expected and discontinued it. Now it’s HMD Mobile’s turn, which has been unavailable for some time, but now HMD has officially confirmed to Suomimobiili that the service has been discontinued.

HMD Mobile was launched in the UK, and through the service HMD offered various subscription packages to consumers. The service was to be gradually expanded to the whole world, but this never happened. It was offered through the UK operator EE, and the cheapest package cost £6.50 and included unlimited calls, messages and 1GB of data.

Although customers were informed about the discontinuation of the service and all information about the service was also removed from HMD Global and websites, the news about it was not announced publicly.

The statement released to Suomimobiili

“We are constantly developing our strategy, and we have made the decision to no longer offer our HMD Mobile service to the market. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. All of our current customers have been contacted and informed about the change directly”.


Thanks Luke for the early heads-up. You were right 🙂