French court rules in Oppo’s favour in lawsuit with Nokia

Nokia has sued Oppo for using two of its WiFi patents without the usual compensation for the use of intellectual property. Nokia sued Oppo in Germany and won the case, after which Oppo stopped selling smartphones in that market.

Nokia tried to negotiate fair compensation with Oppo under FRAND terms, but without success. As things stand, however, Nokia could lose in France, where the courts do not consider the patents innovative enough.

As Fosspatents reports, a French court has rejected one of the patents and even ordered Nokia to reimburse 400,000 euros in legal fees. Nokia could be in trouble if it does not find a solution for the oppo thing quickly, as the issue of the decision in France could be brought back to the German courts.

Oppo is definitely hurt by the ruling of the German court which favored Nokia. However, Oppo won’t let the matter rest so easily and will use all legal means to either bring down Nokia’s patents or achieve a better position in negotiations with Nokia.

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I must admit that I like the latest phones announced by oppo, especially the Find N2 Flip.