Infographic: In Q4 2020, Nokia increased its feature phone marketshare

Market research company Counterpoint Research posted the usual infographic summarizing the state of the smartphone and the feature phone market, while also providing a regional breakdown. Regional breakdowns are interesting because we can see how the performance of some brand on a global level isn’t reflected in all regions, and vice-versa. Some top regional player, might be a smaller player globally.

In any case, while Nokia Mobile didn’t appear in the smartphone inforgraphic, the company is present in the feature phone section, and also dominating some markets. In Q4 2020, Nokia Mobile’s marketshare in feature phones was 17%, making the company the second biggest feature phone brand by volume.

Compared to previous quarter of Q3 2020, Nokia Mobile improved its global marketshare from 14% to 17%. The brand did great in North America where the marketshare increased from 13% to 22%, and in Latin America as well where Nokia feature phones entered the top 5 in Q4 2020 with 7% marketshare.

In Europe, the marketshare fell from 40% to 25%, which is a bit strange because no competitor in the top 5 experienced a rise in marketshare. In contrary, the market share of the 4 next top feature phone brands in Europe fell from 19% in Q3 to 15% in Q4. Maybe it’s a mistake on Counterpoints side, or the European market is really that fragmented.

In Q4 2020, Nokia Mobile shipped around 15.5 million phones, that includes feature phones and smartphones. The Finns shipped around 2.8 million smartphones and around 12.7 million feature phones. While the feature phone result is quite good, if not excellent considering it was enough to be the No. 2 feature phone brand, the smartphone performance needs to improve.

You can check the full infographic by Counterpoint here. The referenced Q3 data can be found here.