Oppo could leave several European markets

Nokia and Oppo have been engaged in a worldwide legal battle for nearly two years, and it appears that Nokia is winning. Nokia sued Oppo for patent infringement and Oppo wasn’t very happy about it. Shortly after, Oppo sued Nokia back but lost in some markets, causing Oppo to leave some European markets like Germany.

Strengthened by the victory in Germany in summer of 2022, Nokia sued Oppo in many other markets such as Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, and it seems that Oppo will be forced to leave these markets, including France.

Oppo’s problem also affects OnePlus and other BBK products, which could open the door for other smartphone manufacturers to launch their products, or Oppo will have to pay royalties for using Nokia technology.

Oppo still hasn’t commented on the situation, but we can expect the release of their official statement soon.

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