Threads Application Blocks EU Users even over VPNs

As you already may know, the Threads application is available in more than one hundred countries, except in the European Union, due to regulatory disputes. Anyway, this issue should be resolved shortly, due to the fact that the EU recently signed a new law that allows EU citizens’ personal data to be transferred to the US legally.

After Meta recently launched the new Threads application, marked as a Twitter clone by many, it reached the huge milestone of 100 million registered users in just one week. Threads have been launched in more than 100 countries, but not in the 27 EU states of the

Given that a large number of EU users are already of Instagram, which is otherwise directly connected to the Threads application, they tried to access the service via VPN, but there’s another roadblock. The Meta company itself announced that they are blocking EU users from using Threads, even through VPV, which apparently cannot be of any help in such a situation.

Namely, if you already have an Instagram account and wanted to use Threads via VPN, the latter won’t be of any use, because Meta already knows where you’re located, that is, the country in which you have been registered. Even those who open a new account will not be of any luck. According to the users themselves, many profiles cannot be opened, the content is not loading, and there are no notifications.

Therefore, everyone in the EU waiting for Threads will have to wait for a while longer. At least to the moment Meta and the EU agree on the regulation on data dispute. Although there are many new social media platforms and applications, Threads seems to be one of those that many people really want to use. There is also much more work to be done, since the Threads application misses basic functions Twitter users are used to.