#Nokia and #Verizon test #5G with 1Gbps speeds

Nokia published that the company “has successfully carried out the world’s first connection based on the 5GTF ‘pre-standard’, marking a further milestone in Nokia’s momentum to make 5G a commercial reality.”

Nokia and Verizon Wireless, world’s second largest telecom company by revenue, today announced that they carried out the first live test of Verizon’s “pre-standard” 5G specification. Nokia used its AirScale platform, paired with devices from Intel. Verizon is aiming 1 Gbps speeds as its baseline for its 5G network.

I’m not sure if this is connected, but after this announcement (Feb 13th 9pm CET), Nokia’s shares were up almost 2% on the NYSE. It probably is connected, because it confirms Nokia as Verizon’s main network partner.