Speed test and camera comparison between Nokia 5.3 and the competition

Nokia 5.3 is a nice done midrange phone, but since its initial software was not so good, the reviews were not the best. The main disappointment of 5.3 is the wide and macro cameras, but everything else seems to be working just well for its price range. Anyway, to know how good of a phone Nokia 5.3 is, one needs to compare it with the competition. Samsung announced a rather good phone A21s with a price similar to Nokia 5.3.

Vy Vo Xuan did a nice video where it compared the speed of devices and later the cameras. Nokia 5.3 was performing smoother than Samsung A21s, but the camera quality is on Samsung’s side, even though the selfie cam of 5.3 does seem to be a tad better. Do check the video for the details.


Another phone that might be of interest to many is the realme C12. The specs are not close to the ones of 5.3, but the battery capacity is bigger and the price is substantially lower. But, when you check the speed test, Nokia 5.3 is clearly a faster and more fluidly running phone, with also a better performing camera, but that is reasonable for the price of C12, which is around $144.

Do check the comparison below in a video.

While reviewing it, I didn’t like its wide and macro cam, but the main one was performing well, even better than I expected. The battery life is good, and the screen, while not the sharpest, has nice visibility when under the sun. So, Nokia 5.3 might not be the best midranger out there, but for its price might be the best choice for many folks. Also, it looks so good in sand color.