Nokia G42 5G listed; Nokia Venom and G22 have the same screen protector

Nokia G22 (Top) and Nokia Venom (Bottom). Nokia G42 5G isn’t out in the public yet.

Quite a few phones have leaked out of the hands of Nokia Mobile this year before their planned releases, and one carries the codename Venom. The device was leaked in mid-March by Hikari Calyx, who also revealed a few of its key specifications. Nokia Venom, with the model number TA-1529, has a probable 16 MP front camera and a triple rear camera setup consisting of one 64 MP and two 2 MP cameras. Powered by the Unisoc T606 processor, it has 4 GB of RAM coupled with 128 GB of internal storage. Also, it has a water drop notch display.

Now, a retailer listing reveals that Nokia Sunfire (G22) and Nokia Venom share the same official screen protector by PanzerGlass, which means they almost have the same bodies considering the similar backs. With Nokia G42 5G in sight, Venom will have to fit in between G22 and G42.

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Additionally, there are two model numbers, TA-1517 and TA-1524, that do not belong to the Nokia G22, at least as per the official user guide, but are present in the Bluetooth listing of G22 with the same description “Unisoc T606, Android12, 6.5”(6.517”) HD+ 20:9 1600*720 V-notch, 90Hz”. It is unknown if any overlap exists between these two models and the Nokia Venom.

Nokia G42 5G

Now, coming to the device that will introduce the 4# sub-series globally* to the naming scheme involving the C, G, X, and T series that Nokia Mobile embraced in 2021. Even the naming convention that the company started its business with did not include the 4-numbered series, as ‘4’ is considered an unlucky number in Chinese, until the Nokia 4.2 made the cut in 2019. A similar thing seems to be happening this time, with the Nokia G42 5G just around the corner.

*Nokia G400 5G is exclusive to the US.

Going by the name, it might just become the most affordable 5G device from the home of Nokia phones. As per a retailer, the Nokia G42 5G will don the Grey and Purple colours and have a memory configuration of 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. The device, which has a 720 x 1612 p display, was also seen operating on Android 13. The rest of the details are safe with the company for now.

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Nokia Mobile seems to have a lot of things in the pipeline, including the Nokia 2660 Flip in new colours, Nokia Venom, Nokia G42 5G, and the three smartphones for the US, and things have been leaking for some time now but probably wants to play the waiting game a bit longer.

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