Nokia Venom with 64 MP camera leaked

Nokia fans, that endangered minority in a world of Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple and a few other known brands, are eager to see a flagship-like Nokia branded smartphone from Nokia Mobile. A phoenix that would incorporate some old values that once kept Nokia at the very top of the smartphone world. But this world is a cruel place and all we are getting is a bump in the megapixels of a main camera sensor.

Hikari Calyx revealed a photo of a yet unreleased Nokia phone whose codename is Venom and has model number TA-1529. The phone is coming as a Dual SIM model with a 4/128 GB memory arrangement which suggests it is yet another affordable smartphone. Its 64 MP sensor is made by Shengtai, a company that does similar tech. The rest is not known but according to the latest FCC declarations, Nokia Mobile is thinking of announcing a few more smartphones. According to the latest portfolio, maybe a repairable higher specs G series phone might be the right direction and the polycarbonate plastic body does suggest it could be easily removed.

Just recently a Nokia phone model TA-1541 got certified by the FCC and in an antenna report you can see that the phone has an aluminium shell looking similar to the one of G22 with a display probably glued on top of it. I am not sure whether this is the recently announced C32 or not but does suggest that Nokia Mobile will move forward with repairability or easier repairability of its future phones.

So, Nokia Venom is something we can expect to see soon, and I just hope the hardware will be more modern that the one used in G22.