Nokia Mobile to bring more devices for US market

Nokia Mobile is working its way into the U.S. market by launching some well-rounded midrangers like the G400 5G and the G100. These phones are all exclusive to carriers, as Nokia Mobile is trying not to compete directly with Samsung, Xiaomi and the rest.

Their plan is most likely simple: win over as many users as possible who don’t care about specs and just need a working, affordable phone. To improve its chances and take the place left by LG, Nokia Mobile needs to refresh its portfolio by launching phones between the C100/G100 and the G400. Maybe the plan is to bring G60 5G for the US market, and that could be true.



A little birdie recently tweeted us some photos of possibly new, unannounced Nokia phones. Judging by the model numbers, these are most likely exclusive to the US market. The models in question are the Nokia N154DL, Nokia N155DL and Nokia N156DL. Considering that Nokia Mobile still offers fingerprint scanners on the power button and bottom firing speakers in the C-series, the 156DL and 155DL probably belong to a G series. Also it has a type C port, which only the US C series phones have, not the global ones.



The N154DL and Nokia N155DL look like a carrier version, as the only difference between these two devices seems to be the colour. Nokia N156DL could be a revision of the C100 or its improved version, which would match Nokia Mobile’s new design. It is not known when these phones might be announced, as they have not yet received the BT certificate or any other certificate required for a launch. However, according to the renders, some could be announced probably by the end of this year and that G series one next year. But hey, that’s just me guessing.

Anyway, they can now focus on the US market after having a global launch event at IFA2022. Maybe one of them will be for the Canadian market as well, since Nokia does not have as strong (or any) presence there.