Nokia Mobile looking for Social Media Manager

CMO of Nokia Phones & HMD, Lars Silberbauer shared the LinkedIn call for recruitment of a Social Media Manager for HMD Global. The contract for the position is full-time, and whoever gets it will be situated in HMD’s London offices. The hired person will lead the daily social channel management, engagement and outreach for HMD Global, the home of Nokia Phones.

HMD is searching for a candidate that has had hands-on experience with managing social channels with large followings, responding and engaging on channels, and daily posting. Also, they mentioned the importance of having a strong passion for staying up to date on the new cultural trends and being quick at identifying new opportunities for inserting brands into cultural trends or moments. Global experience would be a plus.

There are two aspects of the position, social media and community management which aren’t easy tasks, but the team the candidate will be working for is pretty late, so it won’t feel alone.

Anyways, to know more details about the job, head to the LinkedIn post.