Nokia Mobile Online store up and running in India; For other countries redesigned

If you’re from India, you can now buy your favourite Nokia device directly from the official Nokia Mobile online store. HMD Global opened up the doors of their official online store for customers in India. This is HMD’s 27th online store globally, as HMD’s CEO Florian Seiche told us in an interview earlier this month that HMD runs 26 online stores that sell Nokia devices globally.

Apart from opening a new store (in India), HMD redesigned the online stores for other countries, so you can now access them directly from the “All devices” section on clicking on the “Buy” button and you can see the prices across different regions. To access the Nokia India online store just click here. For other countries, if the site doesn’t automatically redirect you to a local version, you can change it using the “Change region” option at the bottom of the site. For Russia there still is the good old store.

Hopefully, HMD will keep expanding their online retail presence and also start producing (and selling) more accessories. What do you think? Tell us down below. 🙂

via: TechDestinations

source: Nokia