The most watched Nokia videos on YouTube

Sunday is a perfect day to relax, sit down and think about your thoughts and prepare for the work week. That’s what I did, and I wanted to see which videos are the most viewed on Nokia and Nokia Mobile’s YouTube channels. Let us start with Nokia itself, the mother of the Nokia logo used on phones by HMD Global.


The most viewed video on Nokia’s Yt channel is a video in which Nokia announces its new strategy. The video, titled “Transform your business to the power of n,” has been viewed 1.9 million times, which is a huge number since the videos Nokia releases do not average more than 1,000 views. But this video was significant and Yt is also the preferred platform for many to get news and information, so it is justified.

The second video also covers Nokia’s recent redesign and also received over a million views, 1.3M to be exact. The video is just 15 seconds long, the same as the most-watched one, so I guess it was probably looped on MWC 2023 :).

However, the third video is a bit different and is also about how Nokia is changing the way first responders use network technology. It was released 5 years ago and has had 1 million views. It is well directed and gets viewers to the heart of why we should give emergency services the technology they deserve and make broadband a reality for public safety.

The technology that saves lives had the most views, and it deserves to, but interestingly, the video about one of Nokia’s cutest commercially available products had only 489,000 views, landing it in 6th place. It is the video announcing the Nokia OZO, one of the world’s first 360° cameras HD.


Nokia Mobile

Now let us move on to the most popular videos from Nokia Mobile or those published by HMD Global. The most viewed video with 34 million views was an ad campaign for the Nokia 8.1, which was launched in India 4 years ago. The commercial promoted the Nokia 8.1 during the Diwali festival and, judging by the phone and the number of views, was a success.

The second most viewed video from Nokia Mobile was “Relive moments in great detail – Nokia 8.1 & Nokia 7.1” and was viewed 33 million times. This video was also created specifically for the Indian market to promote the Nokia 8.1 and 7.1, both excellent phones that sell quite well in India.

Actually, the first twelve most viewed videos were created as advertisements for various Nokia devices such as the Nokia 4.2, Nokia 6.1, and software features, all targeted at the Indian market. All got over 10 million views which is a nice result knowing that the latest videos get only several thousand views.

One general video that reached 9 million views was published 6 years ago when the Nokia Mobile story started. It was the video ad for the new Nokia 3310, and both the phone and video looked great.

The Nokia 3310 video is the most viewed classic video about announcing a new phone, and it failed to win more views against specific market-driven advertising campaigns. The second most viewed video from Nokia Mobile is for the Nokia 4.2, which was launched four years ago and had 3.9 million views.

This is followed by the announcement videos for the Nokia 2.2 and the Nokia T20.

I definitely miss the intro videos that the old Nokia was so successful with.