Nokia Asha 503 should be brought back to life

Abdulla made a nice video for his Nostalgia series about a group of Nokia devices that were quite underrated. The video is about the Nokia Asha 503, which Nokia introduced in October 2013. The device had a simple rectangular body, but a nifty back cover. The removable back was made up of two layers, a coloured polycarbonate shell covered with transparent plastic. This gave the device a completely different look and added durability to the colour.

The specs were not great, as this device was a bridge between the feature and low-end smartphones Nokia was making at the time. The price hovered around $100 USD, which made the device affordable for many people.

Another interesting aspect of the Nokia 503 besides its playful design was its Asha software platform, or Asha OS. The software UI and many other elements (apps, functions…) were borrowed from MeeGo. Even though we take it for granted today, Asha 503 introduced swiping to the masses, as well as fast lane and many other things. Nokia’s last X series also used many Asha features like the fast lane, and there was also screen peek and double tap to wake up.

Check out Abdulla’s latest video from the Nostalgia series, which I highly recommend.

Nokia Asha would be a great addition to a Nokia original series of phones, but I’m afraid that wouldn’t work since KaiOS can’t beat the Asha OS platform. Anyways, have you used Asha 503? Share your experiences in the comments.