Nokia Mobile working on a solution for 8.3 5G

Nokia Mobile reached us and gave a statement regarding the issue that happened on the Nokia 8.3 5G with the recent security update. Here is what they said:

“We are aware of an issue with the Nokia 8.3 5G and have investigated it. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The issue occurred after the latest security update was rolled out. We paused the update immediately and our teams worked on a solution as our highest priority. The solution is available, and we recommend anyone affected by this issue to bring or send their phone to our Care team for support. Please visit our support site for more information:”


Basically, Nokia Mobile is working on finding a solution to make Nokia 8.3 5G usable again. We have identified the problem caused by the May 2023 patch delivered with SW ID 00WW_3_490_SP05. In the mean time, Nokia Mobile has released a newer May 2023 patch with SW ID 00WW_3_490_SP06, which is reported safe by some users.

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