Nokia 3210 full of barnacles still looks great!

Nokia phones are known for their build quality and durability. Well, at least the old Nokia phones were, although the phones Nokia Mobile makes are pretty sturdy too. To be honest, when my old Nokia 3310 fell on the floor, not only did the floor break, but the phone broke into three pieces. However, the clever design ensured that the fall energy was dissipated and the phone worked again after the brief reassembly. I also dropped my 3310 into water and after drying it out, the phone worked fine. I could not say the same for my Nokia N95 8GB, which broke after falling into the ocean.

Anyway, my Australian friend Justin (one half of the iconic duo NOkia Chronicles) told a nice story about the Nokia 3210 that washed up on the beach on the Gold Coast in Australia. The phone was encrusted with barnacles, specifically the case, suggesting that it had spent some time in the marine environment. The surprising part of the story is that the 3210 looked pretty good, almost like you could turn it on and have enough battery for two days. The phone probably did not work, but it was so strange to the finder, a young girl who came into the world about 15 years after this phone appeared, that she took it to school and showed it to her classmates.

I remember that time when 3210 came very well because I was there, 3000 years ago. I collected money for months to buy it, because it was the first phone that was available (and affordable) here in Croatia that had no external antenna. Later I sold it to buy the 3310, and to this day I like the 3210 better for some reason.

Has anyone here used the Nokia 3210? Share your memories of this device.

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