Bamboo is the code name of Nokia 7 Plus. Get the prototype on eBay

If you are one of those people that like to spend minutes on eBay, you know you can find almost everything there. You can also find some Nokia prototype phones on sale, for example, Nokia 7 Plus or some other interesting devices like almost bezel-less Nokia id326-3 that is running almost forgotten Windows Phone OS.

The prices of those phones are usually high since they might have a collectors value, but the info you can get by checking posted photos of the devices are also valuable.

The code names of the latest Nokia phones are based on comic book superheroes, but that wasn’t the case last year. I really didn’t know that the code name for Nokia 7 Plus was Bamboo. Bumblebee would be cool, but when you look at the 7 Plus and see the elongated lines, bamboo suits her well. The final product was called it Onyx. If you would like to own a prototype of Nokia 7 Plus, it could be yours for 476 USD, which is approximately €422 or more than the new one. It is not locked on any network, but it is stuck on Android 8 according to the posted photos.

The other device is coming from the time when Nokia’s hardware was way ahead of the competition, the OS of choice wasn’t. Actually, the whole idea was great, but Microsoft killed it with bad execution. Nokia id326-3 was going to be the first Lumia phone with minimum bezels, but Microsoft probably didn’t approve the futuristic design. This isn’t the first time this phone surfaced up, but if you would like to own it, you can buy it together with the prototypes of Lumia 1020 (Nokia 909) for $260 which is around €230.

If you wan’t to check more Nokia prototype phones on sale, just click on the link and waste your minutes scrolling 🙂