Nokia’s inventions are crucial for smartphones

Nokia might have changed its strategy, but without Nokia’s contribution to telecommunications, the smartphones of today wouldn’t exist. Well, maybe they would, but their development would be slower or at least different. Anyways, Nokia played a crucial part in the development of smartphones, and it is doing the same now and also will be doing it in the future. Nokia’s connection with smartphone development in a classic way is a distant history, but the company is still developing networks mostly designed for smartphones and connected devices. Nokia now holds more than 4000 5G patent families necessary for 5G to function, and Finns are already designing 5G advanced and creating the first steps for 6G.

Check out this 2-minute video which emphasises the importance of Nokia in the smartphone world. The video is made for advertising licensing of Nokia patents necessary for smartphones to function properly. Maybe Oppo managers should watch the video and check the dedicated page.

Although Nokia started the video with iPhone (12, 13, or 14, who knows or cares), it is nice to see a Nokia phone being used even though it is the Nokia G21 :).