Video: Nokia 5.3 vs Huawei Y8s | Different paths

Nokia 5.3 vs Huawei Y8s
Nokia 5.3 vs Huawei Y8s

I mentioned in my Nokia 5.3 review how when you build a budget smartphone, its all about choosing the right compromises. Here, we have two completely different approaches to building a budget smartphone below the $200 mark.

HMD went with balance for the 5.3, where the phone has a nice, complete feature list with no major emissions. On the other side of the table, Huawei went big with some aspects, and small in others with a focus on impressing at first glance. The phone comes with a 48 megapixel shooter, a camera sensor usually found on more expensive devices. The phone also comes with a 1080p display versus the 720p unit on the 5.3. But when you look at the finer details, you understand where compromises were made. The phone charges using the now ancient micro USB port. It doesn’t have an NFC chip, and its GPU is quite mediocre. So which approach results in a better smartphone? Here is the video:

I think this is a great example of how just glancing over specs doesn’t usually give you the full picture about what you can expect. Always keep an eye on the little things.

So what do you guys think about both devices? Which phone does the basics better for you, and why? Lets discuss in the comments.