#Nokia 8 glossy (Arte) black spotted at Nokia.com*UPDATE: Gone*

Together with a redesign of the Nokia.com front page, HMD Global, that runs the Nokia.com/phones domain, posted a photo on which we can see the newly announced Nokia 8 in all the available colors, plus an announced color that looks like “Arte Black” or glossy Black like on the special edition of Nokia 6. Speaking of Nokia 6 Arte Black, it should be available in Q4 this year, as per Finnish operators, but no official words from HMD yet.

The Black Nokia 8 was spotted by Suomimobiili.fi and can be seen at the official Nokia.com/phones site, below the “Community forum” text. We don’t know if this is a real product and if it is, when it will be available. Considering that not all color options of Nokia 6 and 8 are not available on the market, I would rathar that they focus on delivering the current colors, and later on can add new colors as much as they want. 🙂

Update: The Black Nokia 8 was replaced with a Blue one.