Smartphone sales are going down and here is why

Lumia Designs were so unique and fresh
Lumia Designs were so unique and fresh

I know you will hate me for the title, but allow me to explain myself. Canalys just released a report that basically says that smartphone shipments in Q4 2022 were down 17% year-over-year. This is global data, but some markets were hit harder and others less so. Smartphone shipments are also down 11%, which is significant and will pose challenges for all manufacturers. We can blame the increased longevity of smartphones thanks to the new circular economy concept, perhaps the shorter cycles of some models, but the end result will be that more and more smartphones will be built by ODMs and the selling price of real smartphones will increase.

One thing that could improve smartphone sales is the ingenuity of manufacturers. By ingenuity, I do not mean phones built specifically for a purpose, like the Red Magic 8 Pro with an internal RGB fan and transparent glass on the back. By the way, take a look at how this device band :). I am thinking of the Nokia 808 and the Nokia 909, better known as the Nokia Lumia 1020, the former introduced the PureView brand with a powerful 41MP camera sensor and the latter brought the improved PureView with a 41 MP sensor optically stabilized with ball bearings.

Both phones were absolute legends and held on to the top spot in mobile photography for many years. Many still consider them number one because Nokia introduced computational photography to smartphones, which was not as appreciated or thought of in this particular product category.

Our Abdulla or MrNokia did numerous videos about Nokia 808 and Nokia Lumia 1020, but Michael Fisher just took the dust off fine looking white Nokia 808 and classic yellow Nokia Lumia 1020 and talked about their good and bad sides. This video isn’t just a plane review of some old tech, but a time travelling machine that will move you back to the times when smartphones were fun. Something that modern smartphones are not and I only wish the industry could revisit that era again.

I recommend watching the video below.



The latest smartphones all look the same, so isn’t it time to make a change? Nokia ran a great ad campaign for Lumia phones in 2012 that centred on colour. The message was simple: #switch. That message was everywhere, and the highlight of the campaign was Deadmau5’s 30-minute live performance in London. Nokia Mobile can’t pull that trick today, nor can they use the 200 MP sensor that Samsung is rumoured to introduce with the Galaxy S 23 Ultra, but they can still pull the design card.

This Moto look we’re seeing now is just not the Nordic design we’re promised. Although I’ve to say that some elements have improved, such as the smaller bezel, the simplicity of the aluminium case, and no extra buttons (well, the Google Assistant button). Maybe this great video from Mr. Mobile about one of the best devices Nokia made when the business platform was still on fire got me hooked again.

No wonder why MrNokia is thinking of Nokia NX concept 🙂

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